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Chemtronics is Coming to Space Tech Expo 2024

The upcoming 2024 Space Tech Expo is coming soon to Long Beach, CA on May 13-15, 2024! This event is sure to be a great gathering for aerospace professionals, and we at Chemtronics are excited to be one of the many vendors highlighting our cutting-edge products that have revolutionized maintenance, cleaning, and degreasing in avionics.

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Leading Innovation in Avionics

Chemtronics products make avionics repair faster, easier and more accurate, improving equipment reliability even in the most challenging aviation environment. They ensure exacting performance and pinpoint accuracy, meeting all of the technician’s needs for avionics repair, cleaning, protecting and restoring electrical conductivity to circuit boards and components. Chemtronics aviation maintenance cleaners improve performance, efficiency and safety for degreasing, contact cleaning, and aircraft surface cleaning.

Featured Aviation Products:

  • 3M Novec Replacements:
    Chemtronics, along with Techspray, offers both direct line and drop-in, although only the latter is available for chemistry products like MaxKleen and TriVVV. The Techspray TechLab pushes innovations in advanced cleaning, coating, and analytical services to assist customers in qualifying new products and optimizing their processes. These products are used in inline and batch cleaning, ultrasonic, and vapor degreasing systems. This allows us to replicate your production environment more accurately for process optimization and troubleshooting. All of our aviation products meet Boeing and Airbus specifications.
  • CircuitWorks Flux Pens:
    CircuitWorks Flux Dispensing Pens provide controlled and exact applications that are generally compatible with most materials in the electronics industry. Dispense flux on printed circuit boards, heat sinks, chip carriers, switches, sockets and much more.
  • Coventry 12820 Precision Cleaning Solvent:
    Coventry 12820 Solvent is a proprietary azeotropic blend designed specifically for effective cleaning and validation of NASA Propulsion Oxygen Systems Hardware. This unique formulation is non-combustible and exhibits good material compatibility, oxygen system compatibility and high cleaning effectiveness. Coventry 12820 is an ideal AK-225 replacement in systems where high cleaning efficiency and high non-volatile residue removal are required.
  • Flux-Off CZ:
    Flux-Off® CZ Flux Remover is a highly effective cleaner for removing rosin-based fluxes from electronic components and assemblies. Utilizing Cirozane™, which is based on new HFE technology, this nonflammable, non-ozone depleting aerosol quickly removes flux without harming sensitive materials.

Chemtronics Expertise in Aviation

Chemtronics has established itself as a leading voice in the field of avionics cleaning and degreasing through an extensive array of published case studies, guides, and articles. We have a few of these highlighted below.

In our case study on safer vapor degreasing for aviation hydraulics, oxygen system & landing gear, a major US-based airline MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facility brought us in to evaluate their cleaning processes in their hydraulic shop, oxygen system shop, and landing gear shop. They were reviewing alternatives in search of a safer solvent that doesn’t sacrifice cleaning performance. Luckily we had the opportunity to evaluate their cleaning processes and offer Max-Kleen, the safer choice for high performance cleaning.

In our guide to degreasers and precision cleaners, we take a full deep dive into our niche in the aviation industry. We explain the goal to remove contamination quickly while avoiding as much wiping and scrubbing as possible, the different variants such as water-based degreasers, why they are necessary to their respective applications, and what the difference is between degreasers and a contact cleaners. Even this list is not even close to comprehensive. You’ll definitely need to read it for yourself!

In our article on how Coventry™ 6713 Econowipes™ Wipes are engineered for the aerospace industry, we showcase the importance of using specialized cleaning wipes when working in aerospace/aviation original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) because they have extremely low-linting and low extractables. You can view our line of Coventry Econowipes and request a sample when you visit our website. Feel free to reach out to us regarding how they will work in your application.

Looking Ahead

The Space Tech Expo 2024 is almost here and Chemtronics plans to show up ready with a robust lineup of advanced degreasing solutions and avionics repair tools, Chemtronics is poised to make a significant impact and we are excited for you to visit our booth and maybe even have a chat. See you there!

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