Cleaning Pens

Cleaning Pens


Cleaning Pens

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Precise Spot Cleaning for PCB Rework & Repair

Cleaning pens remove unsightly and corrosive flux residues from solder joints. The Mighty Pen is a universal cleaner that is ideal for removing QC fault labels and markings, including from Sharpie-type markers. Conformal Coating Remover Pan provides a precise method of stripping conformal coating around PCB repair areas.

CircuitWorks® brand’s comprehensive line of conveniently packaged and precision dispensing rework and repair products makes circuit board repair and prototyping faster, easier and more accurate. Advanced-formula materials packaged in unique delivery systems ensure superior performance and pinpoint accuracy. The full range of products meets all of the technicians needs for electronics rework and prototyping — repairing, cleaning, protecting, lubricating, bonding, and restoring electrical conductivity to circuit boards and components.

CircuitWorks® Products are compliant with IPC-7711 Rework of Electronic Assemblies, and ANSI/J-STD-001.

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CircuitWorks® Conformal Coating Remover Pen
Lápiz para retirar recubrimientos de silicona, acrílico y uretano de PCB (tarjetas de circuito impreso)

CircuitWorks® The Mighty Pen
Potente lápiz limpiador universal

CircuitWorks® Lead-Free Flux Remover Pen
Lápiz para remover fundente sin plomo con precisión y control

Lapicero removedor de fundente sin limpieza CircuitWorks
Lápiz para la eliminación precisa del fundente de las tarjetas de circuito impreso

CircuitWorks® Flux Remover Pen
Lápiz para la eliminación precisa del fundente de las tarjetas de circuito impreso

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